Tales of a mADman

by Archie J. Thornton, Author and Digital Advertising Innovator

A Note from Ken Roman

I recently received the following email from Ken Roman, former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, a regular contributor to the New York Times & Wall Street Journal, and author of numerous business books including Writing that Works and King of Madison Avenue. Here's his note:

Dear Archie:

You got most of the stories right, with one exception. I settled down with Jack Daniel's, not Scotch.

Thank you for your lively new book - and for plugging my writing book. We were both lucky to work for a great institution, which you capture so well. May "Tales of a Madman" be as successful as its TV inspiration.

Best wishes,

Ken Roman

Thank you, Ken! I feel very honored to receive your endorsement and official stamp of approval.

Tales of a mADman is available now!

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I couldn't put it down. I loved how the ad secrets were revealed overlaid with Archie's real-life, career experiences! A must-read for every small business.
Tom Matthews
Found and CEO, Trade West, Inc.

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