Tales of a mADman

by Archie J. Thornton, Author and Digital Advertising Innovator

About the Book

Tales of a mAdman book by Archie ThorntonTales of a mADman is a breezy, easy-to-read trip through the author’s storied career…and how he learned valuable advertising principles from real-world experiences, mentoring from advertising industry legends, the school of hard knocks, and, sometimes, just dumb luck. It provides invaluable advice for creating advertising that produces real results in today’s digital world and is a must-read for small business owners, non-marketing executives, and new college graduates that need to navigate this evolving media landscape.

No other book demonstrates how time-tested advertising principles still apply in this new world of media. It is truly timeless advice for producing advertising successes.

Tales of a mADman is available now!

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I couldn't put it down. I loved how the ad secrets were revealed overlaid with Archie's real-life, career experiences! A must-read for every small business.
Tom Matthews
Found and CEO, Trade West, Inc.

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